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Third E-discussion: October-November 2002

Developing Capacity through Technical Cooperation Book Launch at the Overseas Development Institute: London, England; 28 October 2002

Capacity for Development Book Launch at the Financing for Development Conference: Monterrey, Mexico; 20 March 2002

Advisory and Facilitation Group Meeting: Accra, Ghana; 13 Feb 2002

High Level Political Roundtable: Accra, Ghana; 11-12 Feb 2002

Presentation to the UNDP Executive Board: New York, NY; 1 Feb 2002

Second Roundtable: Turin, Italy; 3-7 December 2001
Second E-discussion: October-November 2001
First Roundtable: Geneva, Switzerland; 16-17 July 2001
First E-discussion: May-June 2001

Launch of interactive website: May 2001

Reforming Technical Cooperation for Capacity Development

The initiative explores the fundamentals of capacity development and how technical cooperation can best contribute to the development of lasting indigenous capacities. This site is the main platform where interim results and complementary resources on capacity development are made available. Research findings will be published in several books. More background


Ownership, Leadership and Transformation: Can We Do Better for Capacity Development?--the third and final in the series--bridges the conceptual foundations of capacity development, and the difficulties and practical realities in the field. It demystifies the process of capacity development to make it more "user-friendly". More information

Ownership, Leadership and Transformation

Development Policy Journal--Special Issue on Technical Cooperation: This second issue contains articles by experts and practitioners involved in the initiative. Each article approaches the role of technical cooperation in capacity development from a different perspective--some examine the basic premises of technical cooperation while others look mainly from the either the donor or the recipient viewpoint. Read more

Development Policy Journal

Developing Capacity through Technical Cooperation: Country Experiences provides some concrete inputs to rethinking technical cooperation for today’s challenges based on six country studies--Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Kyrgyz Republic, Philippines and Uganda. The book was launched on 28 October 2002 at the Overseas Development Institute in London, England. Read more

Developing Capacity Through Technical Cooperation

Capacity for Development: New Solutions to Old Problems calls for more ownership among beneficiaries and better use of global knowledge networks. The book was launched at the Financing for Development Conference in Monterrey, Mexico on 20 March 2002. Read more

Capacity for Development

Capacity for Development review in IMF's Finance & Development: "The book explores ways to make technical assistance less expensive and less dependent on foreign experts with little accountability to the recipient countries," writes Bassirou Sarr, Advisor at IMF, in the December issue of the quarterly magazine. He calls the book "essential reading" for all development professionals and policymakers concerned with capacity development. Read the review

Noteworthy on the Web highlights the latest capacity development resources on the web. Share your news

"Evaluating Capacity Development",, Issue 17: This issue of is about organisational self-evaluation for capacity development. It reviews the results of an action-learning project, called Evaluating Capacity Development (ECD), led by the International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR).

Budget Support Versus Project Aid: A Theoretical Appraisal: This IMF paper develops an economic model which compares two forms of aid programmes, to show the conditions under which aid is most likely to meet donor objectives.

More Noteworthy on the Web

Insights in 1000 words showcase the wealth of capacity development knowledge, innovation, and ideas in an easy-to-scan, succinct manner:

Placing Technical Cooperation at the Service of Capacity Development: Emerging Lessons by Tony Land
Social Communication Strategies and Sustainable Development in Ecuador by José Romero
A Team Building Approach in the Management of Projects by Patrick Keuleers

Read more - Share your insights

Research findings:

Focus studies: The emerging findings emphasize recipient ownership in technical cooperation activities as the cornerstone for indigenous, sustainable capacity development. The second issue of the Development Policy Journal contains condensed versions of these papers.

Country studies: The evidence emerging from the country studies presents a mixed picture regarding the evolution of technical cooperation over the last decade. The findings of the country-level research are presented in Developing Capacity through Technical Cooperation.

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