CACAS – Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia


The Civil Aviation Caretaker Authority for Somalia (CACAS), based in Nairobi, was formed in 1996 as a joint effort of UNDP and the International Civil Aviation Organisation, to ensure safe air transport over Somali airspace in the absence of a functional central government.

Due to a poor and often-unsafe road network and the seasonable availability of seaports, the airports of Somalia have become vital trading platforms and essential gateways to the country, stimulating local business, economic development, employment and communications.


To provide for the operation and maintenance of essential facilities, equipment and services for international air transport operations, including humanitarian and relief flights and local flight operations within the Mogadishu Flight Information Region (FIR - Airspace and ground facilities in Somalia), as far as feasible on a self-financing basis, in order to meet immediate requirements for safety, and
to assist in the rehabilitation and development of the aviation infrastructure where feasible provided that these latter related activities are financed from sources other then air navigation charges”.
  • Provision of Air Traffic Services, including meteorological information, communication, rescue and fire fighting services to international and local air transport operations and at designated airports in Somalia

  • Assignments to formal courses and On the Job Training for staff to improve their skills in the above areas as well as in administration and airport management

  • Undertaking, and provision of technical assistance for the rehabilitation and development of the civil aviation infrastructure such as runways and air control towers.

  • Operation of the Mogadishu Flight Information Centre 24 hours a day and Aerodrome Flight Information and related Safety Services at designated airports in Somalia during daylight hours. Air Traffic Controllers are providing information to aircraft flying through the airspace allocated to  Somalia for the provision of aviation services and to aircraft operating into and out of airports in Somalia as well as ensuring flight coordination with the neighbouring States.

  • Rehabilitation and provision of essential safety and communications equipment at airports and airstrips in Bosasso, Kalabayed, Boroma, Hargeysa, Berbera and Garoowe

  • CACAS activities enable local authorities to attract international airlines to operate into Bossaso & Hargeisa  and to collect revenue in form of landing fees based on the above service provisions.

Challenges The programme is primarily funded from air navigation charges applied to air operators transiting Somali airspace and landing at Somali airports. This revenue is however insufficient to meet the demands to rehabilitate, maintain and develop air transport infrastructure which is essential to humanitarian, developmental and commercial activities