HIV/AIDS – part of LICUS


In recognition of the threat posed by the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic, the international development community, in close collaboration with local partners and authorities, has embarked on a coordinated process to build an effective and proactive response to HIV/AIDS. This joint vision culminates in the ‘Strategic Framework for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STIs Within Somali Populations’ and supporting zonal plans of action, developed in 2003 under the auspices of the Somalia Aid Coordination Body's HIV/AIDS Working Group and endorsed by all health authorities that existed in Somalia at that time. The strategic framework has subsequently been successfully translated into a five-year application to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM).


  • To ensure political commitment to a comprehensive HIV/AIDS response and the protection of vulnerable population groups through leadership advocacy, sensitisation and capacity building

  • To develop laws, policies and guidelines for the protection of vulnerable groups

  • To mobilise and facilitate the ability of high-risk population groups to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic

  • Advocacy and capacity building for leaders at all levels (including religious, political and community leaders, policy makers, women, youth, law enforcement officers)

  • Support to development of policies, guidelines and laws for the protection of vulnerable groups

  • HIV/AIDS awareness raising and community mobilisation for IDPs, returnees, migrants and their host communities through targeted sensitisation and behaviour change communication interventions

  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace programme

  • Building leadership skills: Multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS advocacy and awareness raising workshops for leaders in all 3 zones of Somalia: Training of trainers, subsequent workshops facilitated by trained trainers. Workshop participants include political, community, religious leaders, youth, women, and the media.

  • Resource Mobilisation:

  • Support to the Global Fund application

  • Resource Mobilisation Roundtable

  • Support to HIV/AIDS resource centres: provision of equipment and documents

  • Support to UNDP Religious leaders and HIV/AIDS initiative in the Arab States

  • Support and strengthen coordination structures; ensuring a multisectoral response and the participation of civil society: and to build and nurture highest level sustained national leadership and ownership of the response. This will require sensitisation and nurturing relationships with a number of constituencies and authorities to ensure political commitment at all levels.

  • Increase current awareness of HIV/AIDS; fight stigma and discrimination

  • Improve human resource capacity for a multisectoral HIV/AIDS response